For more than a quarter century, Communicating for Agriculture Education Programs has carried out the vision of giving young adults an opportunity to experience the world through agricultural exchange, and provide an opportunity for rural families to be touched by other cultures, cultivating lifelong friendships.

Host businesses benefit from working with motivated and qualified trainees at an affordable rate.

Our technical capability, network of offices worldwide, and variety of programs enhances our stellar track record of success:

  • Over 30 program options
  • Over 20,000 international interns placed
  • 16 International Offices connecting globally
  • 48 International Partners in 50 countries
  • Use of state-of-the-art technology
  • Highest rate of visa approval

How We Do It

We match specific business needs of host companies with qualified applicants looking for a paid internship opportunity. Through our offices around the world, we select, screen and match applicants based on criteria of rural and agricultural companies. An effective training plan ensures mutual expectations are met.

We foster a mutually beneficial relationship between host and trainee. Let us put learning to work for you today!

Become a CAEP Business Partner

CAEP is an organization that brings people from all over the world together to travel, learn and earn. Over 20,000 participants have experienced life with our host families and businesses all around the world. Many have found careers and run large farms, nurseries, wineries and horse operations in their respective countries. Some have just racked up the experience as a life experience in growing up. All have loved the opportunity to explore another culture through our programs.

The Business Model
CAEP works with CAEP Partners* to recruit young people to come on our programs. These participants come to the U.S. and other host countries for 3 to 12 months to “learn and earn” with one of our host companies.
*Partners is collectively, Recruiters, Country Offices, and Country Partners.

As a CAEP Partner, you have access to our online systems for worldwide application processing, marketing, presentation, technology assistance in building your market, financial assistance programs, and opportunities to develop a hosting business in your own country for worldwide participants.

Become a CAEP Educational Partner

Our slogan is "We Put Learning to Work".  It says it all.  We partner with educational institutions worldwide to fulfill the practical "hands-on" component of the learning process.  We are not an accredited educational institution.  Rather, we are the link to take educational curriculum and tie into real-world skills development to better prepare an individual for their career.  CAEP provides three ways to partner with academic institutions: 1.    Current International Participants Pursuing an Educational Experience. Through CA,  J-1 authorization, CAEP places an individual who qualifies as an accredited student in a post-secondary institution in their own country, into a "work and learn" experience.  A minimum of the first half of their potential 12 month stay can be in a work/training program.  The remaining half can be attending school.  CAEP acts as an "educational advisor" and matches the current J-1 participants to the best school in their geographic, interest, or pre-chosen institution.  CAEP handles all applications, course chooses, and payments on behalf of the applicant. 2.    Institutions looking to provide International Experiences. CAEP has been in the training and work visa business for over 25 years with over 20,000 participants.  CAEP has a global network of employers and partners who can place your students into an internship placement in 42 countries.  For schools that are looking to outsource or enhance their "International Presence", CAEP can handle recruitment and placement for your institution. 3.    Sandwich Programs for Institutions with an Internship Component. CAEP has contacts with academic institutions worldwide. We can manage your "sandwich" program by getting you in contact with our worldwide network of offices that work daily with educational institutions in their country to build you International Educational experience.  CAEP will include our own vocational internship component into the International experience. CAEP uses a sophisticated tracking tool, ("Skillability") to map the participant's educational objectives to the skills that will be practiced and mastered on the job.  These skills are employer generated and endorsed by international skill standards for curriculum vitae.  In the United States, the skills are recognized by the U.S. Department of Labor as the CA National Skills Standards.  CAEP's unique approach takes each employer's skills and maps it back to the curriculum objectives of the originating school and the destination school. This positions CAEP as a strong partner in showing the educational institution's curriculum is tied to relevant skills need by today's employers around the globe.  

There are three levels of partnership with CAEP:


is an individual, who wishes to register with CAEP directly, and/or CAEP and a CAEP Country Office for the purpose of selling CAEP products.

CAEP Country Office

is a CAEP office who promotes CAEP services exclusively and has the right to all CAEP brands, assigned territories, marketing assistance, and special programs (ie financing from CAEP).

Country Partner

is an existing independent business who receives special pricing from CAEP for CAEP services and who provides CAEP services in conjunction with other vendor’s products and services.

If you are interested in becoming a Partner with CAEP, please contact us:
Send an email to info@caep.org with more information about your organization and why you are interested in partnering with CAEP.  Our phone number is: +1-218-389-7750.

Information for Embassies

Three organizations make up the CA family of educational programs:

Communicating for America is the parent, non-profit organization with tens of thousands of farmers, ranchers and small business members across the United States and abroad.  The members are the hosts and our participants.  The CA organization has been promoting rural education, training, legislation and health care for over 35 years.

Communicating for Agriculture Scholarship and Education Foundation has awarded over $2.5 million in scholarships to young people worldwide.  This organization is the registered entity with the U.S. Department of State for J-1 visas.

CA Education Programs (CAEP) administrates the training and internship programs on behalf of the Foundation.

CA has been a long-time adviser to the U.S. Department of State regarding regulatory issues for J-1 visas and has received high marks from Congress for our efforts to promote agriculture education:

“Mr. Speaker, CA has also been a strong supporter of the education of young people in providing the opportunity to train and experience life and personal growth overseas.  Today, the CA Education Programs has become the largest program of its kind in the country.”
Collin Peterson – Member of the House Agriculture Committee.

Every winery, farm, ranch, nursery, business or other host business as well as trainees and interns are members of CA.  This means that our host companies have a long term commitment of involvement with our organization not just as a host to interns, but also as a member of our rural advocacy organization.

State -of-the-art applicant processing:  All candidates of our programs are screened via video conferencing by CAEP.  The candidates complete all applications online, have all documents and contracts processed online, and all communication archived for auditing purposes and immediate retrieval.


Communicating for America (CA)

In 1972, Communicating for America (CA) started as a small group of dairy farmers in  west central Minnesota. Today CA has tens of thousands of agriculture and small business members across the United States, and 4 decades legislative accomplishments on behalf of our members. From helping to form the first state high-risk pool for the medically uninsurable in Minnesota in 1976, to the first beginning farmer loan program in Iowa in 1980, to forming its own international agriculture exchange program in 1985,  to  receiving the first Agriculture Apprenticeship designation granted by the U.S. Department of Labor in 2007. CA was founded to promote the general health, welfare and advancement of people in agriculture or small business, and after 40 years of service to rural America, that mission continues to drive CA today. For more information please www.communicatingforamerica.org.

CA Foundation

The Communicating for Agriculture Scholarships and Education Foundation is authorized by the U.S. State Department to sponsor visas on behalf of the United State Government under the J1 category of Internship and Trainees. The Foundation provides emerging leaders in rural communities scholarships for educational advancement - both here at home and abroad. Headed by leaders from all over the country, the Foundation helps cultivate new globally minded citizens through education and travel. The Foundation has awarded over 2.5 million dollars to young Americans striving to obtain their career dreams. Scholarships benefit a wide range of young people in the fields of nursing, agriculture, and other studies or who want to train in a field where the benefit of practical skill development can be taken back to their communities. The CA Foundation takes a "world view" that young people should be encouraged to visit countries with businesses that have global presence to develop global work skills. For more information please www.cafoundation.com.

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